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  • If someone in the United States desires to register an individual who lives in a foreign country, the person residing in the U.S. may pay for the registrant using Visa, MasterCard, cash, money order, or check. If someone desires to register on his/her own and lives outside the United States, registrant should send money via Western Union to Carol Otengho of Hayward, California. Western Union will give individual a Control Number. Registrant will give Western Union a secret question and the answer to the secret question. Registrant will provide Ms. Otengho with the following information:

    • Control Number of the Western Union wire transfer.
    • Secret Question that you give to Western Union.
    • Answer to the Secret Question that you give to Western Union.
    • If all the information indicated in a, b, and c above is not received, the funds cannot be picked up.

  • Registrant or registrantís representative should send the following information via e-mail or fax:

    • Complete address
    • A telephone number where registrant can be reached
    • A fax number where registrant can receive a fax
    • Registrantís e-mail address or e-mail addresses where he/she can receive correspondence

  • Registrant or registrantís representative should send a total of $210.00 in U.S. currency. If registrant is using a representative who is accepting responsibility for sending the package to the registrant and faxing the documents to the American Embassy, representative will need only to pay the registration fee of $175.00. The $210.00 total includes the following fees:

    • $27.00 Express Mail fee to send complete package to registrant
    • $175.00 registration fee for the convention
    • $8.00 fee to prepare and fax all documents to U.S. Embassy. Includes the cost of the documents as well as our cost to send the fax.

  • Registrant or registrantís representative should secure a room reservation at the Hotel Inter-Continental in New Orleans by calling (504) 525-5566 and asking for Reservations. If registrant wants to guarantee the room reservation, registrant or registrantís representative will have to use a credit card. Registrant or registrantís representative should obtain confirmation number from the Reservations Clerk and send that information to Ms. Otengho by fax at (510) 784-2326 or via e-mail at

  • Once the necessary funds are received and deposited in the bank, the registration will be processed. The registration package will then be sent to the registrant or the registrantís representative via United States Express Mail and will include the following documents:

    • A receipt showing that the necessary fees have been paid.
    • A letter of invitation reflecting the registrantís hotel reservation confirmation number, the date and time when the registrantís documents were faxed to the U.S. Embassy, as well as other pertinent information about the convention.
    • A program of the convention showing the events to be held as well as their dates and times.

  • If the registrant does not obtain a visa, the registrant must cancel his/her reservation on or before April 30, 2003. If registrant does not cancel by that date, registrant cannot receive a refund because the organizationís final payment is due to the hotel on May 1, 2003, and the hotel will not issue refunds for any reason. If registrant does cancel his/her registration in time, registrant will receive a refund of $150.00 less any applicable Western Union wire transfer fees. We cannot give refunds for Express Mail fees or fax fees since AAA cannot obtain any refunds from the United States Postal Service once mail is sent; nor can AAA obtain refunds from the phone company for faxes sent. Also, there is a $25.00 cancellation fee that AAA charges per person for registration cancellations. This $25.00 fee covers AAAís cost of time and expense to process all paper work. If AAA must issue a refund directly to registrant, the Registrar will wire the funds via Western Union and will send the Control Number, the Secret Question, and the Answer to the Secret Question directly to the registrant so that registrant can pick up the funds.