AAA, Inc.

The Association for the Advancement of Africa is a U.S.-based, non-profit, and nonpartisan organization. It is the intent of this organization to help first-generation Africans assimilate into American society while aiming at strengthening and enhancing the fundamental relationship between Africans of the Diaspora and Africa.

The Association develops programs and affiliates with local, national, and international universities, organizations, and agencies to further an understanding of the African cultures, issues, and processes, while providing information to African immigrants concerning education, economics, health, culture, science and technology, immigration, women's issues, and bilateral relationships, all with the goal of the unification of Africa.

The mission of this Association is to mobilize and unite Africans of the Diaspora, Africans in Africa, and all friends of Africa to address the cultural, economic, educational, civic, immigration, health, scientific, and social needs of African societies, domestic and international.